Community Safety & Policing

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Human Rights City Alliance (HRCA) Community Safety & Policing Working Group

Our working group will utilize the UN's "Reimagining Policing" report and HRCA's Executive Summary of UN recommendations for improving U.S. law enforcement practices to advocate for a human rights-based approach to community safety, policing, and incarceration in the Pittsburgh area. We will uplift the ongoing efforts of community groups working on these issues, receiving guidance from local experts including representatives of Abolitionist Law Center, Alliance for Police Accountability, Jail Oversight Board, and others.

Our work may include: drawing out key points from the report that relate to current needs & efforts; identifying concrete "asks" of local decision makers; creating an outreach plan; meeting with the new police chief; attending meetings such as City Council, County Council, Jail Oversight Board, School Board, and Citizen Police Review Board.

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