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Universities, Displacement, and Struggles for Affordable Housing in Pittsburgh: Neighborhood Bus Tour

Saturday, February 18, 2017 11:00AM-3:00PM
We will visit Uptown, Northside, and Hill District neighborhoods as we learn about the factors contributing to Pittsburgh's loss of affordable housing, including the role that universities are playing in the housing crisis. We will learn about how residents are organizing to resist displacement from their neighborhoods, and hear about how these struggles have helped defend people's right to stay in their homes and neighborhoods. $5 ticket (includes pizza lunch)
Space is limited! To reserve your seat :
Or Email: EGW14 [at] pitt [dot] edu
Phone: (412) 321-5527

The route: Start at Pitt Union area. 11:00AM (Meet at 10:45AM -Bigelow Blvd. near William Pitt Union)

  • First stop (11:15AM): Jubilee Kitchen 2005 Wyandotte St, Pittsburgh (Michelle McMillan)
  • Second stop: (12:15PM) Northside Coalition for Fair Housing, 1821 Brighton Rd 15212 (Reggie Good)
  • Third stop (1:15PM--LUNCH/Pizza): Hill District, Kaufman Center1835 Centre Ave 15219 (Carl Redwood, Carol Hardeman)

Return to Pitt Campus, approximately 3:00PM


Resources on universities, student debt, and links to the affordable housing crisis

Student Loans and Housing Decisions:

Student rent strikes in the UK:

Various pieces on universities and the urban:

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