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Osher-Lifelong Learning Institute--Global & Local Perspectives on Human Rights

This course is offered by members of Pitt’s Human Rights Working Group, an interdisciplinary collection of faculty, staff, and graduate students and community leaders working to promote human rights learning in our region. The course will explore how international human rights laws and institutions connect with local issues and popular movements in Pittsburgh and beyond. Readings and lectures will consider how international human rights laws have been shaped by popular movements, and how they shape possibilities for communities to address people’s basic needs such as housing, health, and overall well-being. Leaders from the Pittsburgh community will share lessons about important human rights struggles in our city, and we'll learn how work here connects with the global human rights movement.

Fall 2018 Course Dates: October 15 - November 17
Room 5201 Posvar Hall, Tuesdays, 10:00-11:50 am.

Oct 23 - International Human Rights Law, Social Movements, & Cities • Presenters: Jackie Smith, Pitt Department of Sociology and Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance

Oct 30 – Human Rights, Politics, and Political Education • Presenters: Michael Goodhart, Pitt Global Studies Center & Laura Wiens, Pittsburghers for Public Transit

Nov 6 – Housing & the “Right to the City” • Presenters: Emily Cummins, Postdoctoral Fellow in Cities and Human Rights & Jason Beery, Urbankind Institute

Nov 13 – Immigration & Asylum • Presenters: Roger Rouse, Pitt Global Studies Center

Nov 20 – Environmental Justice & Health Equity • Presenters: Noble Maseru, Pitt Center for Health Equity



Presentation Resourses

Books and Articles

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