Pittsburgh Human Rights Housing Strategy

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Pittsburgh Human Rights Housing Strategy

In April 2022, Pittsburgh welcomed global housing expert, former UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Adequate Housing, Leilani Farha to meet with city officials, housing advocates, students and other residents. She pointed out that Pittsburgh’s development is being driven by increasingly global real estate investors and developers, who seek only to generate profits—not to ensure safe and adequate housing for Pittsburgh residents. To address our housing crisis, we need to develop a human rights-based housing strategy for Pittsburgh. This will require strong political leadership by and on behalf of residents and the city of Pittsburgh that syncs housing supply with residents’ needs and incomes. Whoever leads these decisions determines who can live and thrive here. We are working to build community control over our city’s housing policies.

Ms. Farha's visit generated a set of recommendations for how we can work to improve access to affordable housing in Pittsburgh and ward off new threats to existing affordable housing. We compiled this report on the visit, highlighting insights and recommendations from our discussions with Ms. Farha, who now leads global housing rights organization, The Shift. Here you’ll also find helpful links to learning resources and legal tools to help advance housing as a human right. (Download report PDF)

Resources for developing a rights-based housing strategy

  • Fair Housing Audit Identifying housing needs, existing infrastructure, and property ownership is a key piece of our work.
Full Study – The Financialization of Housing In Europe “My Home Is An Asset Class” Daniela Gabor & Sebastian Kohl