Policy, Legislation, & Governance (PLuG)

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Policy, Legislation, you, and Governance (PLuG) Working Group (The “u” is YOU)

This working group will develop proposals for implementing human rights legislation at the City and, later, County levels. We hope to devise a Blueprint for making Pittsburgh a human rights city in a meaningful way and a scorecard for holding city government accountable. This work involves creativity, research, outreach, and determination! Together we want to put teeth into Pittsburgh’s commitment to human rights to help leverage change in all policy areas and in city government operations.

Resources and Background Materials We recommend you have a look at Mayor Gainey’s Transition Report and at the PGH HRCA response. Also, the following resources were produced by people like us to help local advocates integrate human rights into local government policies and local practices.

Budgets are a key sign of a government's values. So, if human rights are not in there, what's being said is that they are not a value worth counting.

Meetings TBD. (Please contact Michael Goodhart for more information: goodhart@pitt.edu.)