Zero Evictions Days 2020

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The US Human Rights Cities Alliance joins Pittsburgh and other cities join the International Alliance of Inhabitants’ Zero Evictions Days (October 2020)-International solidarity to achieve dignity and security in housing.

Housing is Health Care! Why Housing Must Be Treated as a Human Right
PUSHing The Human Right to Housing
Together with the CMU Film Festival and other partners, we’re working to advance struggles for housing justice at this moment of acute crisis. Housing is increasingly unaffordable for people around the world and housing insecurity is rising. Join us in watching the documentary film, Push, which tells the story of how global banks and investment firms control residential housing around the world and push out low-income residents, turning our communities into sources of private profit. But the film tells another story too: residents are coming together to demand that housing be protected as a human right.

You are invited to join this discussion and learn what you can do to make housing a human right!

  • Watch the film
From October 24-November 5. 2020, you can screen the film online. Tickets $12. Once you purchase your ticket, you have 7 days to start watching the film, and 24 hours to finish it once you start. We have a limited number of free passes Contact pghrights [at] riseup [dot] net.
  • Join the discussion
Webinar Part 1: Building a Global Movement to Protect the Right to Housing --Dialogue featuring Leilani Farha—former UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Adequate Housing, joined by housing and human rights leaders from Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and New York view recording here. Panelists include: Carl Redwood Hill District Consensus Group. (Pittsburgh); Dr. Yolande Tomlinson Organization for Human Rights and Democracy & US Human Rights Cities Alliance(Atlanta); Rob Robinson (Facilitator), organizer with the US Human Rights Cities Alliance, International Alliance of Inhabitants, and Partners for Dignity and Rights.

Webinar Part 2: Movement building for the Human Right to Housing--Thursday November 5, 7:00PM (EST) Local organizers from Philadelphia, Atlanta and Pittsburgh discuss ideas for building a powerful cross-city movement for the human right to housing and an end to evictions. Zoom meeting link For more details and speakers see: Zero Evictions Days 2020

This event is part of our webinar series, Learning from COVID-19: Shaping a Health and Human Rights Agenda for our Region

Co-sponsoring groups: Carnegie Mellon University Film festival; University of Pittsburgh Global Studies Center; US Human Rights Cities Alliance, Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance; University Human Rights Working Group and Student Task Force; University of Pittsburgh Sociology Department, University of Pittsburgh Center for Bioethics and Health Law


Background on Housing and Financialization

International Resources

  • #Maketheshift The Shift provides resources and tools for using human rights laws and guidelines to advance the right to housing in your community.

Local Housing Justice Work