Health, Human Rights, and Cities Initiative

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Health, Human Rights and Cities in the 21st Century: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives
Jackie Smith, Noble Maseru, Cory Holding
& the University of Pittsburgh Human Rights Working Group

The proposed project builds upon the ongoing work of Pitt faculty and staff and community leaders working together as the Pitt Human Rights Project to establish conversations and collaborations around the question of how human rights can be better realized in cities and other local settings. We plan a two-phase project that involves participation in a national meeting of human rights city leaders in Jackson Mississippi, which will inform subsequent work to plan and conduct an interdisciplinary workshop on health, human rights, and cities. In addition to helping develop new thinking about the contemporary challenges of health and equity, the project will help us build the relationships within our Human Rights Project at Pitt and strengthen a new partnership between Pitt's Center for Health Equity and the School of Public Health at Jackson State University. Planned outcomes include a report for a general public audience, scholarly papers, teaching innovations, and further collaboration to raise external funding.

We have submitted a proposal to present this project at the upcoming: Cross-disciplinary Conference on Family and Healthy U at Pitt on March 28.