Model Letter supporting Pennsylvania Fairness Act

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Sample Letter to Local Legislator

Support the "Pennsylvania Fairness Act"

Dear __, [Find your PA-State legislator]

I’m writing on the issue of discrimination in the LGBTQ community that occurs throughout Pennsylvania due to a lack of protective legislation. Pennsylvania does not have a state-wide bill that protects the civil rights of LGBTQ persons, who are often severely affected by housing and employment discrimination. The current system in Pennsylvania differs from county to county, with only some counties providing protections. But why should these protections of civil rights end at county borders?

Currently, the "Pennsylvania Fairness Act," state-wide non-discrimination legislation, is gaining co-sponsors and community support, and we hope to see it come up for a vote within the year. The bill would provide a state-wide level of protection to members of the LGBTQ community against discrimination. No Pennsylvanian should be denied civil rights due to sexual orientation or gender identity. As one of our elected representatives, you can directly improve the lives of thousands of Pennsylvanians by supporting the Pennsylvania Fairness Act.

We also wish to remind you that as a representative from [Allegheny County/ Pittsburgh] you are representing a [Human Rights County /the Human Rights City of Pittsburgh]. This non-discrimination legislation is essential to helping residents realize their basic human rights. Your support is essential in creating harmony between state and local legislation on this issue. As my representative, I need you to know that this issue is extremely important to me and my community.