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Past activities and events of Human Rights City Alliance & Allies
Pittsburgh's Human Rights City Alliance Activities 2015

Pittsburgh's Summit Against Racism/ Social Justice Summit

  • Report on 2017 Summit Against Racism workshop
  • Summit Against Racism 2015 Workshop-- Setting the Agenda for 2015: End stop and frisk, affordable housing, and living wages for all men and women!
  • "Inequality in the Land of Plenty" Community Forum: Making Work Pay for Pitt Workers --Thurs. Feb. 26, 2015 5PM-7PM City Council President Bruce Kraus, University of Pittsburgh Cleaners, Security Guards, and Fast Food Workers for a discussion on the need to raise wages for workers in the fastest growing sector. Learn how to take a stand to positively impact your economy, your university, your communities, and your future! University of Pittsburgh O'Hara Student Center.

Pittsburgh's Human Rights City Alliance Activities 2013-2014

  • Human Rights Day Rally, December 10, 2013 at the City-County Building

Speakers at this rally were asked to identify key policy changes and goals that will help advance human rights in particular areas. Speakers from the following groups highlighted key human rights issues they address:
Marcellus Protest, Just Harvest, Great Public Schools Pittsburgh, One Pittsburgh- UPMC Worker Rights Campaign, Delta Foundation, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, Immigrant rights: We need to press public officials to make good on Peduto's promise to make Pittsburgh a "Welcoming City" for immigrants. All human beings are guaranteed human rights-- regardless of which side of a border they are on!

Summit Against Racism, January 25, 2014. Read the blog by Curt Conrad, a student in University of Pittsburgh's Civil Action Movement (CAM)

Organizing and Strategy meeting, February 2014-- Envisioning a human rights city and framing our strategy for building one.

International Mother Earth Day Celebration 2014--This was a powerful event that highlighted the need to address racial and economic inequities in order to protect the environment. Speakers included Miguel Sague, Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center, La'Tasha Mayes, New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice, Fred Brown, Kingsley Association and Larimer Green Team, and CAPA student Jordan Schultz-McArdie. Read the Report.

Ongoing work

  • Police Reform
  • LGBT Rights/Anti-discrimination

2013-early 2014 notes on Human Rights Action Plan for Pittsburgh