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Get involved!
Building a human rights city takes involvement from all residents. We invite and encourage you to consider how you can act in your neighborhood, in your schools, church, and other local organizations, and with other residents to find ways to make our city one where everyone enjoys human rights and dignity. Let us know about human rights activities happening in our region: pghrights at

The work we do depends upon volunteers, and we want to support other organizations' human rights work. Here are some of the initiatives volunteers have been taking as part of our work to build a human rights city. We welcome your organization to connect your work with this city- and regional alliance.

Human Rights City Alliance & Partner Groups- Follow-up meeting to the Summit vs. Racism 2017 February 1, 2017
The Human Rights City Alliance is working to bring Pittsburgh residents together to make human rights a reality in our city. As new threats to these rights unfold with the Trump presidency, our local work to defend, protect, and strengthen human rights is extremely urgent. Please get involved! Here's some ways to do that:

Immigrant Rights

  • Write your member of City Council to ask him/her to support the legislation sponsored by Dan Gilman to protect immigrants.
  • Support work to promote county level protections (we'll keep you posted, or get in touch if you can help)
  • Join working group to plan May Day March for Immigrant Rights (contact Antonia Domingo Antonia Domingo (antoniadomingo[at]gmail [dot] com)
  • Join working group to plan Teach-in on Immigrant Rights-Sunday April 30 (contact Antonia Domingo Antonia Domingo (antoniadomingo[at]gmail [dot] com)
  • Join working group to support welcoming messaging projects around the city (contact pghrights [at] riseup [dot] net)

Housing Justice/Tenant Union Organizing

  • Next Greater Pittsburgh Tenants Union General Meeting Tues. March 14 6.30 PM, 1 Smithfield Street, Downtown Pittsburgh. Meetings 2nd Tuesday of Every Month.
  • Join a working group, contact Reggie Good reggie [at] northsidetenants [dot] org (Committees: Education, Policy, Advocacy-more below)

Women's Rights

Police Accountability/ Reform

Human Rights Education

  • Join working group to plan convening/s to allow residents to envision what kind of community do we want to live in? and to discuss ideas for how to make that vision real. Contact pghrights [at] riseup [dot] net
  • Help promote decentralized activities to advance human rights learning. Contact pghrights [at] riseup [dot] net

Full meeting notes Feb 1, 2017 meeting


Other things you can do to make Pittsburgh a true Human Rights City

  • Help your organization members and the public learn about their rights, share copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, organize a discussion of the document and its history, ask members to discuss the text and ideas for helping realize more rights for more people in our city;
  • Issue a press statement describing why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is important to your group's members/constituents. What article is particularly pertinent to your group and how might people in this city including elected officials help advance it?
  • Organize an event to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and provide a space for public discussion of the document in your community;
  • Compile your group's ideas for a city Human Rights Agenda
  • Join the Human Rights City Alliance to work with other groups in the community to draft and build a movement that will demand a Human Rights Agenda for our region.
  • Join a Task Force to help advance the Human Rights Action Plan.

Tell us your human rights-related activities: We'll help spread word of your event and let our public officials know what their constituents are talking about! (email [pghrights at] to share your ideas or learn how to get involved).